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Anthrax Vaccine

Reactions to the anthrax vaccine vary from person to person depending on the individual’s immune system. However if an adverse reaction occurs, they can be characterized by severe fatigue, short term memory loss, bone pain, joint pain, skin rashes,skin infections, vertigo, headaches, tumors and cysts on internal organs, seizures, autoimmune illnesses, extreme tingling and numbing, vision problems and blackouts. Other unpleasant reactions include medical problems associated with your hormones such as testosterone failure in men and hemorrhaging and inability to conceive in women. Medication for some of the named adverse reaction can be treated minorly.

If you have taken the anthrax vaccine, it can push the immune system beyond its limits and the consequently turn it on itself. Therefore to prevent this, it is important to utilize a few strategies to strengthen the immune system. To ease the symptoms and fatigue derived from taking the anthrax vaccine, most people (namely troops and veterans who require it) take herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements. Regaining health will take quite a chunk out of your life and it will be quite hard and extensive.


Firstly it is vital to get ride of the toxins residing in your body. Visit a homeopathic physician who can provide you with tips and techniques to assist you in this process. The first basic steps is to eliminate packaged and processed foods including white flour, caffeine, white sugar, alcohol, nicotine and soft drinks as they contain too many unnatural ingredients. Purchase food that is fresh, natural and organic including fruit, veggies, meat and fish and cook them at home.